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05H-20 Army Security Agency
Naval Security Group C23A

I listen, selectively, to a lot of Podcasts.  I scan the description each morning and build a playlist.  I prefer longform and explainer-type podcasts.  I avoid bluster and time wasters.

email newsletters

Each morning I peruse several email newsletters from various sources. I try to get a good mix of views, but I won’t tolerate crazies, conspiracy theories that require more than two people to keep their mouths’ shut, or hate.  So, while I will look in on those communities regularly, I never take them seriously.

I do read widely from newsletters several topics:

  • Military and Defense
  • Foreign Relations
  • China
  • General News
  • Deep Reads on Politics & Policy
  • Healthcare Policy
  • Foreign Press for an outsider’s view of events
  • Crime & Criminal Law
  • Constitutional Issues
  • History
  • Dogs, especially Animal Rescue
  • Fake News & Foreign Interference
  • Science, particularly Earth, Astrophysics, & Biology

I also subscribe to several online newspapers including: The Guardian, Washington Post, Virginian Pilot, NYT, LA Times, Charlottesville Daily Progress, & the Christian Science Monitor, and keep tabs on the feeds from NPR, BBC, CBC, Radio New Zealand, Australia Broadcasting, Radio Deutsche Welle, AP, Reuters, along with several Google Alerts.

I am currently reading these books:


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