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New Gardening Experiment
[otw_shortcode_accordion number="4" item_1_title=" my take: " item_1_content="<ul> <li>Great for Lazy Gardeners like me or</li> <li>those who need to sit while gardening or </li> <li>folks with only a small sunny balcony for growing </li> <li>order the optional wheel kit</li> <li>main unit snaps together in 15 minutes </li> <li>optional wheel kit requires 1/2 & 3/4 deep sockets and pair of pliers for assembly </li><li>Made in the USA </li> </ul> " item_1_opened="closed" item_1_icon_type="general foundicon-heart" item_2_title=" positives" item_2_content="<ul> <li>rotates manually on bearings to catch sunlight</li> <li>4 sq ft of growing surface </li> <li>50+ plants for each tower </li> <li>no tools required for assembly </li> <li>center compost tube for worms </li> <li>holds 6 sq ft of fluffy potting soil </li> <li>2 gal removable catch bin for recycling worm tea </li> <li>4 ft tall & 24 inches in diameter </li> <li>made of food grade, recyclable plastic </li> </ul>" item_2_opened="closed" item_2_icon_type="general foundicon-plus" item_3_title=" negatives" item_3_content="<ul> <li>pricy </li> <li>difficult to relocated after it's loaded, unless you buy optional wheel kit </li> </ul>" item_3_opened="closed" item_3_icon_type="general foundicon-minus" item_4_title=" specs:" item_4_content="<ul> <li>43 inches tall</li> <li>24.5 inches wide </li> <li>36 lb shipping weight</li> <li>single box shipping </li> <li>~200 lbs loaded & wet</li> <li>6 cu ft fluffy potting soil required </li> <li>coupon for discount on composting worms</li> </ul>" item_4_opened="closed" item_4_icon_type="general foundicon-tools"][/otw_shortcode_accordion][otw_shortcode_animatedimg image="https://s3.amazonaws.com/gardentower-live/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/19093432/RotatingTowerLow200Res20fpsCROP-Compressed.gif" imgpossition="left"][/otw_shortcode_animatedimg][otw_shortcode_image_style image_url="https://bourbonandporchlight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/IMG_2011.jpg" image_alignment="alignleft"][/otw_shortcode_image_style]
[otw_shortcode_image_style image_url="https://bourbonandporchlight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/2018-04-15-12.03.45-200x300.jpg" image_alignment="alignleft"][/otw_shortcode_image_style][otw_shortcode_html_editor][otw_shortcode_quote border="bordered" border_style="bordered" background_color_class="otw-greenish-background" color_class="otw-black-text"]This is great for lazy gardeners like me![/otw_shortcode_quote] [otw_shortcode_dropcap label="A" font="Allerta" color_class="otw-black-text" background_color_class="otw-greenish-background" size="large" border_color_class="otw-silver-border" shadow="shadow"][/otw_shortcode_dropcap] day of cleaning the garden plots and I'm pooped out. I hobbled into the yellowing porchlight & plopped down, registering my gripes into a short tumbler of amber. I sipped. Then I scribbled gardening onto the mental list I keep in my head. You know the list I'm talking about; that list of things that you are becoming too “grown-up” to do anymore. I call my list “The Raven.” [otw_shortcode_quote border="bordered" border_style="bordered" background_color_class="otw-greenish-background" color_class="otw-black-text"]Nevermore![/otw_shortcode_quote] The Navy gifted me a pair of new knuckles as a “go-away” present. But I soon discovered that bionic knees are superb for walking, not so hot for kneeling. The metal on the inside digs into the meat from the backside. Padded garden kneelers and knee pads help...some. But by the warm glow of my Porchlight, I concede that working garden beds will soon be a thing of the past. Just another crossed checkbox in the Raven . But creaky knees doesn’t mean I’m out of the gardening game completely. I've been aware of the Garden Tower Project, a 6-tiered vertical planter that rotates on it’s base, since it's Kickstarter Project. Since then I’ve checked in on their progress from time to time. I’m pretty sure I can coax a summer’s worth of salad and greens from this set-up for two or three adults. I’ll report back from time to time. [/otw_shortcode_html_editor][otw_shortcode_info_box border_type="border-top-bottom" border_color_class="otw-green-border" border_style="bordered" shadow="shadow-down-right" icon_type="general foundicon-plus" icon_color_class="otw-green-text"]Addendum: 24 May 2018 We've had a lot of rain lately here in Margaritaville-Nord. When I checked the bottom liquid drawer this morning it was full of Worm Tea (or Compost Tea...your choice). That's 2 gals of liquid gold I distributed around to several plants and then poured the remainder through the Garden Tower 2. With care, I think the GT2 would make an excellent indoor planter during the winter months. Just take care to protect your floors against accidental spills and add a grow light. [/otw_shortcode_info_box]
[otw_shortcode_gallery num_items="6" positions="top" image_1="https://bourbonandporchlight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/2018-04-11-13.41.31-300x200.jpg" image_2="https://bourbonandporchlight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/2018-04-11-13.03.06-300x200.jpg" image_3="https://bourbonandporchlight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/2018-04-11-12.59.25-300x200.jpg" image_4="https://bourbonandporchlight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/2018-04-15-12.03.45-200x300.jpg" image_5="https://bourbonandporchlight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/2018-04-15-12.05.11-200x300.jpg" image_6="https://bourbonandporchlight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/2018-04-11-12.42.27-300x200.jpg"][/otw_shortcode_gallery][otw_shortcode_html_editor] Garden Tower Project 2 direct from manufacturer [/otw_shortcode_html_editor]