I’m Back. You Should Take a Break.

No, Really.  I’m serious.  Take some time away.  You’ve earned it.     took three glorious months off, completely ignoring Trump’s daily squandrals . I…


Inspired. Lyrical. Erudite. Fun. by Madeline Miller (kindle version) read by Perdita Weeks (audible version)  have both Madeline Miller’s Kindle version and the companion audible…

Garden Tower Project 2 Planter

Graden Tower Project 2New Gardening Experiment my take: Great for Lazy Gardeners like me or those who need to sit while gardening or folks with…

Where’s Mom?


“What about -ism” Guns Deaths vs. Car Death Edition

As entertaining an argument as it is misleading. Vehicle safety is one of the great American success stories, but you wouldn’t know that from hearing…

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The Miranda Principle

The tempest

In a Foxhole, Everyone’s a Stoic

The World’s my C-RAT, with a John Wayne & 3 Butts in every box.

In Argument, Be Generous